MY CATS! That I talk about a lot!

Cats, I have many

Okay, so I say many – not a crazy cat lady yet – but I mean two. Two cats, two psycho cats that love to sit on my face.

Of course, when they’re not being weirdos and sitting on peoples faces at unfortunate times, they’re sleeping.

     Quick story time: We adopted Tobias (Brother) and Pudding (Sister) – I TOTALLY didn’t name her, no, not at all… – from our local shelter. That’s where we got our previous cat Mickey (Who was as weird as they come, we attract very different cats) from, and he was with us from five years of age to thirteen years, in human years. I go down there sometimes on a weekend to help walk the dogs they have there. It’s an amazing place. So anyway, I’m walking along the enclosures when this cute little Tortoise Shell (Pudding) catches my attention, she was sitting right at the chain link fence with her claws hooked in another persons jumper sleeve.

She looked evil… and I wanted her.

After that lady left to go ogle at some more cats (I literally could’ve spent all day there) (SOOOOO MANY CATS! CATS EVERYWHERE!) I walk over to Pudding and put my fingers through a gap in the fence to pat the top of her head, she tries to eat me, and then claw my sleeve and pull me through the fence. I thought this was adorable, so I called over my sister, who instantly fell in love with her. Then we discovered that Pudding came with a brother, Tobias (Toby). Now, we had told my other sister who had to work and couldn’t be there that we would be getting a single black cat, that totally wasn’t the case.

Anyway, we looked at the information cards for both of the rascals and saw they were 6 months old. Mum was a little skeptical at first, but caved in and said we could get them. So, off we trot, with Pudding and Tobias, back home.

My sister comes home from work and Pudding instantly rushes over and starts rubbing her head against my sisters leg.

‘Oh my gosh, you’re so adorable.’ She cooed (sister, not cat) (Cat’s can’t talk… we think)

I pick up Toby and walk over to Sister-Dear, ‘Hey, look up you nerd.’ (I’m ever so delightful around my siblings). She sees Toby and falls apart.

‘TWO!’ She screeched (man, has she got some lungs). ‘WE HAVE TWO CATS?!?!?!’


Yeah, so my cats are weirdos, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

P.S. here’s a picture of them both (Pudding = Ginger, White and Black fur) (Toby = Black and White fur)

(This was the day we got them, they were so tired that they just collapsed on my bed)

WIN_20150426_134035 (3)


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