School – That Place

It’s time for me to go back to school, and honestly, ‘I don’t want to go’, (Anyone get that Dr Who reference? Oh, just me. It’s cool, I’m happy in my nerdum). This about the time that I start to think about what I need to pack in my ‘Bag O’ Stuff’.

Essentially, the ‘Bag O’ Stuff’ is the small bag inside that I carry with me whenever I go to school. I’m sure most girls had a bag similar to mine. Today, I’m going to make recommendations and tell you what I carry in my ‘Bag O’ Stuff’.

First off:

  • A small can of Batiste Dry Hair Shampoo in Coconut and Exotic Tropical scent. This is amazing for after P.E or Sport when your hair is sweaty and you need a quick refresh.
  • An Impulse Daily Fragrance in Raspberry and Jasmine scent. This is very very good to put on at the beginning of the day, for a nice pick me up. Plus this smells divine. So, how could you go wrong?
  • Painkillers and Medicine, just garden variety Pain Killers, paracetamol or Panadol. WARNING! Most schools will let you carry these Pain Killers and Medicine AS LONG AS YOU INFORM THE SCHOOL NURSE’S OFFICE! YOU CAN NOT GIVE THEM TO ANYONE! ONLY USE THEM YOURSELF!
  • Honestly, the amount of times I’ve eaten in class and not gotten caught is abhorrent. I usually keep a small packet of crisps or something like that, to give a quick energy boost.
  • Furthermore, gum or mints. Now, most schools won’t let you have gum or mints but having nice breath is very good for you, and very good for other people around you. Just pop one in your mouth after you’ve eaten and you’re good to go. Make sure you spit it out before going into class though.
  • A small powder foundation compact. For those times after P.E or Sport when you’re a bit shiny. Or whenever you’re a bit shiny.


So there you go, those are the products I have in my ‘Bag O’ Stuff’, hope it’s been (slightly) helpful for the back to school time.

Have a nice day, see you next time,




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