Music… Is A Thing I Like

I suppose you could call my music taste “Eclectic”

  1. deriving ideas, style, or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources.

I enjoy listening to Alternative, Pop, Jazz and Classical.

I also enjoy long walks on the beach and cats…

HAHAHAHA I’m joking, I’m too busy wasting my life on the internet to worry about relationships!… *Cries and over-eats chocolate and biscuits*

Anyway… um… what was I talking about?

Oh yeah! MUUUUUSIC! (P.S That’s totally a word)

So, here, straight from my Spotify playlist are apparently my ‘Recenly Played Artists’

(Sidenote: These are NOT my ‘Recently Played Artists’)

(Another Sidenote: Search me up on Spotify, ‘missellieisfabulous’ and get awesome music)

Panic! At The Disco

Vitamin String Quartet


Skyler Gray




Only two of those artists are correct, so here is my ACTUAL RECENTLY PLAYED ARTISTS/SONGS DAMN YOU SPOTIFY (Oops, I blasphemed)

Trevor Moran: Got Me Feeling Like

Trevor Moran: Cold Soul

Trevor Moran: Alive (Okay, so he dropped a new album and I’m fangirling, calm down)

Angus and Julia Stone: Draw Your Swords

Bea Miller: Enemy Fire

Bea Miller: Fire ‘N’ Gold

Andy Grammer: Honey, I’m Good

Hilltop Hoods: Higher

Skyler Grey (Actual Correct Artist *claps* Well Done Spotify, Gold Stickers FOR EVERYONE): Dance Without You

Sia (Yet Another Actual Correct Artist *claps* Well Done Spotify, EVER MORE Gold Stickers FOR EVERYONE): Alive

Flor: Heart

Sydnee Carter: Monsters

Ryn Weaver: Pieere

Kari Kimmel: Nothing Left To Loose


So yeah, those are currently my top played on Spotify. If at any time, you find yourself fresh out of good music, just ask me

Have a lovely night,

Ellie 🙂


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