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D.I.Y Days: Bath Bombs

I never really have baths. But when I do, I usually make a (slightly) big deal out of it. I have a candle that I light, and spend the night pampering myself. I strongly believe that a pamper night, or even something simple (treat yourselves), can brighten anyone’s mood. I am always bogged down with school work, or other teenager duties, and find myself stressed and tense all the time. I set a night out about once every 1 or 2 months, usually when I get the house to myself and blast music, light expensive (ish, I am a poor student, let’s not forget that) candles, run a bath and… oh no! No bath bombs! Damn! What am I going to do? *Deep breath*

Come on Google, you always answer my questions. Tell me, can I make my own bath bombs?

The answer is, of course, yes!

And they are really cheap and easy. Even for me, a complete and utter flop when it comes to D.I.Ying anything.

(Recipe taken from this blog:

The things your going to need to make the nice stuff: (A.K.A Ingredients)

How to do the thing to make the nice stuff: (A.K.A Method)

You want to start by adding your Epsom salts (seriously cheap, you can find them in the Laundry aisle at any supermarket). Next, add your water and stir the mixture around until it becomes clumpy (don’t worry, it won’t be clumpy when you go to mold it). Then, add your food coloring and essential oil.

I actually didn’t use a mold or anything like that, I used a muffin tray. The tray someone would use to make mini-muffins. I had these cute little muffin cups and I just placed a teaspoon of the mixture into each cup and squashed them down.

Hopefully they turn out amazing!

(Edit: They turned out amazing, especially when I’m having a hard time sleeping. The lavender oil I used made everything smell amazing and almost made me fall asleep in the  bath)


“As usual, there is a great woman behind every idiot”

John Lennon


See you nest post,

Ellie 🙂


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