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July Favourites: YouTube and Nothing But

It seems like I talk about YouTube constantly… and I do. But, being a YouTuber (ish) myself and watching so many other people, I tend to have a lot to talk about. So, when I sat down to start writing a new blog post, and I noticed the date, I figured I should have a Monthly Favourites video/blog post up either today or tomorrow. And I could only think about one category – YouTube. So, I figured I’d make a list of the YouTubers I’ve been loving this month (and for quite a while)


Fashion/Beauty: Kelsey Simone (

She’s not solely a fashion/beauty Youtuber/blogger, but her fashion and beauty videos are the best. Kelsey has such a fresh style and so much talent. It’s so nice to see someone as young as her getting seen and heard on YouTube


Food: MyHarto (Hannah Hart): (

The creator of My Drunk Kitchen, where she gets slightly tipsy and cooks things. I have said all I needed to say.


Gamer: DanAndPhilGAMES (­)

I have no words. No words to describe just how amazing their channel is. It’s a mix of scary horror (you should see how Dan wiggles his arms in the air when he’s scared), one-off games (for those days where you don’t want to get committed to a series) and mainly, The Sims (for those days where you do want to get committed to a series.


Vlogger: EveryDayJim (Jim Chapman) (

It’s like having a best friend. A best friend that you get to talk to everyday without having to leave the house [EDIT: Did that sound creepy? It sounded creepy to me]. He vlogs pretty much everything (within reason) in his day, from his wife, Tanya Burr ( to his dog, Martha.


“The journey of a thousand miles beings with a single step”

Lao Tzu


See you next post,

Ellie 🙂


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