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October 2016 – A Month Of School Assessments // Playlist Of The Month

October is the month – generally – where all of my end-of-year school assessments start to arrive. That means mainly two things.


And lot’s of music.

So, today, in honour of the new month, I’d like to share my Spotify Playlist for the month of October. Yay. *Cue the awkward dance, but this time, to nice music*. October’s Playlist features two artist I fell in love with, Tessa Violet and Ruelle, along with an appearance from James Blunt.

(Just for reference, the way I’ve set this out is Artist – Album – Song)


Tessa Violet – Halloway – Not Over You

Tessa Violet – Halloway – Dream

Tessa Violet – Halloway – I Don’t Get To Say I Love You Anymore

Tessa Violet – Halloway – On My Own 

Tessa Violet – Halloway – Haze

This entire album is brilliant. I have no way of explaining why I love this album. It’s just really nice to listen to.

James Blunt – Back To Bedlam – Goodbye My Lover 

I heard a snippet of this song on a YouTube video I was watching, and I was instantly in love. It’s a slow, sad song. One you would hear at the end of a movie. A sort of, finale. It’s very melancholy, and truly beautiful.

Ruelle – Take It All – Take It All

Ruelle – Up In Flames – Until We Go Down

These two songs are both ones I’ve heard before (thanks to Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist) and rediscovered (mainly because the next two songs are both by Ruelle, I just listened to her Popular songs and all four were there.).

Ruelle – Nashville Indie Spotlight – Monsters

Ruelle – Up In Flames – War Of Hearts 

I fell in love with the T.V show Shadow Hunters. I’ve read (and obsessed over) the book series, watched the movie and now I’m on to the show. These two songs featured in certain episodes. (Monsters in the 1st ep and War Of Hearts in the 12th ep). They’re both fast-paced songs, but in different ways. Monsters has electric vibes, whereas War Of Hearts has more of an acoustic feel. Monsters is also a ton of fun to play on guitar.



(I’ve just learnt that trying to describe songs is about as hard as trying to describe perfume)


“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.”



See ya next post,

Ellie 🙂




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