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An End-Of-Week-This-Stuff-Is-Hard-I’m-Tired Pamper

Or something along those lines


Hello again,


I felt I should make this post in honour of National Bubble Bath Day (which is today), and let you guy in on my End-Of-Week pamper routine. The routine itself doesn’t change that often, but the products certainly do. I feel as if this is going to be longer than usual, so grab a cup of tea and sit down. Relaaaaaaaaaax.


I usually start everything off with doing my nails whilst watching something on Netflix or YouTube. I was given a nail care kit for Christmas. It’s from a brand called Jericho (it says on the box it’s C/F!) and it contains a nail file, buffer block, cuticle oil and hand & body lotion. I find the nail file very gritty, so I use another one I own which is a lot smoother and finely gritted to file and shape my nails. After that I will buff my nails because I have to take my nail polish off on Sunday for school, and I love the look of shiny nails (I achieved this before Christmas with the base / top coat I’m going to talk about a little later). I will then move on to put some of the cuticle oil on my cuticle line, rub that in and slather my hands in the lotion, which makes them smell like jelly beans! After about 20 minutes, I’ll wipe my nails over with a non-acetone remover (I’m currently using a Manicare one), and paint my nails. I’ve been leaning towards three nail polishes more than the others that I own. Two Revlon ones, 705 Gray Suede and 555 Orchid, and an OPI polish, Ate Berries in the Canaries. After that’s dry, I’ll use Maybelline Dr.Rescue All In One (Base / Top Coat and Nail Strengthener).


Skin Care next, I’ll take my makeup off (if I was even wearing any) with the Byphasse Micellar Water, swipe my face with Formula 10.0.6’s So Totally Clean Deep Pore cleanser – I talk about it in this post – and sometimes the Clean and Clear Blackhead Clearing Toner. After that, whilst I’m in the bath, I’ll use the Byphasse Purifying Face Mask. When I’m out of the bath, Clearasil’s Daily Clear Tinted Pimple Clearing Cream is my go to cream to my acne. My friend makes me a facial oil which is my hidden weapon when it comes to combating acne and scars. During winter, I’ll use a full pipette over my face and during summer, I use a drop of it on any problem areas (more as a spot-treatment than a moisturiser) and Nivea Creme for the rest of my face or just as an eye cream, as I don’t need to moisturise my face all that often during summer. You can read about my old skin-care routine in this post. It does need updating so expect that in a few posts, probably next month.


For my actual bath, I love using Dove Triple Moisturising Body Wash as bubble bath, Lush’s Twilight or Bubbly Body Wash, and sometimes a bath bomb. I’ll make some tea, usually Tetley’s Black Tea and sit there marinating for a long time. I’ll read and listen to Spotify (I’ve been loving every single song in this playlist for the entirety of December). Currently, I’m reading Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Angel. It’s the prequel to the Shadowhunters series, I believe I’ve talked about a few of the songs from the soundtrack to the show. I’m absolutely in love with Cassandra’s writing, and I urge you to read both series’s.


The night usually ends with my curled up with another cup of tea and a cat, usually Toby, who loves to snuggle at night, watching a movie or something – again – on YouTube.


“It all begins with you. If you do not care for yourself, you will not be strong enough to take care of anything in life.”

Leon Brown.


See ya next post,

A Very Relaxed Ellie 🙂


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